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Okay at best

I am a trumpet player in a regional orchestra as well as a band director and a part-time freelancer. I bought this app out of curiosity primarily to determine if it would be a good way to practice finger dexterity when I can't play the horn. I quickly notice some things that I did not like. First, I did not like that you cannot change the rhythm away from four quarter notes. Second, and vastly more important, I could not find a position that would allow me to "play" the horn on my iphone/ipad and view the music without causing severe pain on top of my hand and in my wrist. This is extremely disconcerting because carpal tunnel and tendonitis runs in my family (my sister had to drop out of a graduate program at North Texas because of this issue when she played trumpet). Therefore I have had to delete the app before I cause irreparable damage to my hands. HOWEVER, the concept of the app is fantastic.


It Won't open, I've downloaded it twice.


But could be better


This app crashes. Please update it because this app isn't cheap.

This app is great!

This app is very useful in learning scales an some licks, but may I make a suggestion? I think a huge feature is missing. You need to be able to set each exercise up to increase the speed as you play. So for ever time I get a scale correct twice in a row or so it will go up 5bpm or however much the user defines it as. I wish there was a better trumpet sound which wouldn't be to hard to do I'm sure. Please do an update and add a few more features! Thank you for this great app though!


This is a cool app. It helps


Excellent app for trumpet scales and practice. Buy it

Trumpet Pro

Well done. It is the perfect device to keep up with my music studies . It would probably be easier to see the notes on the iPad. Still, it is excellent.

I like it

Not exactly what I thought it was, it is actually better. I do wish it sounded like a trumpet. If it and Trumpeteer could collaborate that would be an app slayer.

Great App!!!

This is truly a useful tool for trumpet pros and newbies alike. I'm only giving it 3 stars because the scoring system, which could be very useful, seems to miss scoring "open valve" notes like Cs and Gs. It also seems to miss situations where two notes with the same valve combination follow each other, such as a fifth line F followed by a fourth line D. An excercise I tried this morning with 64 notes should have yielded a score of 64 (if played correctly). While played slowly at 100bpm, I wound up with a score of 22 three times in a row due to the number of valve combinations mentioned above. If this could corrected, this app would be almost pefect and would get 5 stars from me.

Love it

It's remakable....very useful

Good for your chops

Works great. Hand position while trying to read the exercises is a bit uncomfortable but I see no way around this. Experimenting with writing my own exercises, very user friendly. When you have time to kill this will improve your trumpet playing better then shooting down jets or throwing paper into a trash can ;)

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